Youth Club 1959

Borden Youth Club 1959

Is that you in the picture? Borden Youth Club in the old village hall about 1959.

Names have been sent to us by Roger Martin; Girl eating sandwich is Catherine Prior. On her right is her sister Susan Prior and on her right is Joan Little. On her right is Ian Martin. Sitting at the table leaning back on his chair is Roy Stickles and on his left is David Young. Opposite David is Roy's eldest brother Alan Stickles. The other two boys are not known. 


#2 Douglas Wilson 2014-05-06 19:12
Sue The boy with glasses is Robert Pope.
#1 Sue Brooks (Prior) 2013-11-11 11:53
Boy with his back to us in the jumper is John Hobbs, don't know who the boy in glasses is opposite him.

Great site, takes me back 50 years.

Sue Brooks (nee Prior)

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